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$99 Activation Fee

This Promotion is $199 Activation but you can Get Secured for as Little as $99 to get started!!!

Monthly Monitoring

Monitoring Special is $58.99 but other rates are available starting at $33.99!!


SafeStreets USA is the #1 ADT Dealer nationwide and will complete your installation. ADT Monitors and Maintains your system!

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Honeywell Equipment

We use Brand Name, Brand New equipment! Warranted for as long as you have it!

Moving? That's OK!

Take advantage of the promotion and know that we offer a fantastic relocation program that's good where ever you may move in the United States!

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License Information


License Numbers: Safe Streets USA License Numbers: WA – SAFESSU854P8, EC – SAFESSU846BO, OR – 208546 CLE429, NM – 387294, TX – B18742 ACR-2072317, CO – 2015-BFN-0008204, AL – BA13-99 AESBL #993, AR – BAE20110029 Safe Streets License # CMPY.0002025, CT – CLELC.0185208-L5, DC – BL602511000104, DE – BA11-201, FL – BAEG13000404, GA – BLLVA205866, IA – BAAC0129, IL – BA127001452, IN – BALAC000190, MD – BA1071680 01981855, MI – BA3601206276, MN – BATS02343, MS – BA15013023 10429325, NC – BL624CSA, NJ – BA34BF00018800 13VH06160200, NY – BA12000302109, PA – CLPA 024334, SC – BABAC 13455, TN – BA0000-1611, VA – BA11-6617, WV – BAWV047939, NV – 0081024, AZ – 302967 19898, LA – F2164, OK – AC440557, UT – 9439243-6501, CA 5685; ASC Security USA License Numbers: CA – ACO5314